About Search A Rental and what we can do for you!

Our mission is to provide all property management companies an opportunity to list their units for rent while providing site visitors with an easy, quick way to search for rentals by location, price and availability. CDG wants to help owners and managers keep their properties filled while those needing to rent have an easy way to access information at any time of the day or night. Visitors to the site can search for residential listings using various search parameters - by town, zip code or price range - to narrow their choices. Landlords can easily guide clients by smartphone, tablet or pc to show inside & outside photos of the rental. Renters will be able to contact the owners through the website and landlords/property management companies will have the convenience of responding to emails instead of phone calls. Both renters and property owners will save time and money.

As an owner, it is vital that properties are rented as much as possible. A very important feature of the site is the area for rentals coming soon. Using this search, properties that are currently rented but will be available in the future can be viewed and scheduled for rent, which will improve cash flow!

Owners/managers will profit from membership in searcharental.com. Landlords join for a small monthly fee plus one-time setup fee.Members will then have the ability to enter their properties and have access to change the listings at any time; there are no charges for subsequent listings. Users easily log into the program to create listings by entering a property's information into a group of customizable fields personally designed by CDG. Once a user clicks save, listings are instantly updated to the website. If desired, these listings can be incorporated into another CDG designed website eliminating the need to enter data twice! Prospective renters can now view properties that match their search criteria plus inquire about other property listings. Searcharental.com is powerful, customizable and affordable. To join, click here!

Key Features of searcharental.com

  • Site allows you to easily update and list rental properties online, no programming required.
  • The powerful search engine and parameters let visitors find exactly the rental property they want.
  • searcharental.com is customized to offer the fields of data both the property manager and the prospective renter need.
  • Supports up to 15 photos per listing.
  • Easily narrows down a client to particular properties saving the property manager time and money.
  • Affordability: no other real estate site offers more for less.
  • Your listings at searcharental.com can easily be incorporated into your website, saving input time – which is money!

SearchaRental.com is maintained and hosted by Creative Design Group, a website design company with the home office in Malden, Missouri. The company is owned and operated by Dave Green.

1 BR, 1 BA, $665
Columbia, MO
2 BR, 2 BA, $665
Columbia, MO
3 BR, 2 BA, $1,000
Cape Girardeau, MO
1 BR, 1 BA, $475
Columbia, MO
1 BR, 1 BA, $665
Columbia, MO
1 BR, 1 BA, $600
Columbia, MO
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